Rok-It Review

If you tailgate you have to have a great chair. There are many chairs on the market and some of them, well kinda suck! You’ve seen the ones I’m talking about, that are broken apart and left in the trash can at tailgates across the country, every week. Why do tailgaters subject themselves to uncomfortable, poorly made chairs?

Tailgaters ROCK, so why not have a chair that makes you feel like the Rockstar that you are? Kijaro brought out the ROK-IT chair to help you enjoy your tailgate, or next outdoor adventure better.

The Rok-It chair boasts these features:

• weight capacity: 250 lb
• product weight: 14.5 lb
• open size: 27 in. L x 26.25 in. W x 38.75 in” H
• heathered print polyester fabric
• durable steel frame
• padded armrests
• built-in carry strap
• flip out cup holder
• carry bag 

I got one of the new Rok-It chairs in and started to use it in my home and outside while on adventures. One of the first things I noticed was that the chair seemed to be ergonomic as my posture felt better in this chair than any portable chair that I’ve sat in before. Over the years I’ve had various back pains and I know the importance of using correct posture to help mitigate back pain. If you’re a back pain suffer this chair could be what you’re looking for.

In addition to being ergonomic it also has the Rok-It technology in the back  that allows a small range of motion to give you a little rocking action. This does not have the same amount of rocking action as a standard rocking chair, but it does give you a nice little rock while you’re enjoying the day.

When you’re done you unlock the bar in the back to allow the chair to fold inward and then you clip it together.

Watch the video below to see the chair in action and how to pack it up. 

There is a shoulder strap on the chair that helps make the transportation of this chair much easier. The chair weighs about 15 pounds, so it is heavier than some of the competitors and the shoulder strap is a good call on Kijaro’s part to help move this chair around easier.

If you’re in the market for a new chair and want something that can help with your posture and give you rocking comfort, then it’s time to click the button below to learn more about the ROK-IT!


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