Soft Touch Weighted Blanket

Sleep is more important than ever! As the pace of society continues to increase people are working to get by with less sleep than they did in the past. Now when we sleep, we need to fall asleep fast and get quality sleep. Did you know that the right blanket could help you sleep better?

I too raised an eyebrow when I heard that weighted blankets could be the key to a better nights sleep. To find out more I got a Soft Touch Weighted Blanket to find out for myself. The Soft Touch Weighted Blanket arrived and I was surprised at the heft of the blanket. It weighed 15 pounds and was unlike any blanket I had used in the past.  The weight in the blanket comes from hypoallergenic GLASS BEADS in small 4 Inch pockets to distribute the weight evenly over the entire blanket.

Additional facts about the blanket:

-15 pounds
– 60 x 80 x 2 inches 
– fits adults up to 6 feet 6 inches tall 
– glass beads added for weight
– removable soft cover for easy cleaning

After pulling the 15 pound blanket out of the bag you have to attach it to the included soft cover that gives a softer touch while snuggling with this blanket. Now the next step is that you have attach the blanket to the 8 hook up points that are inside of the soft Minky Cover. To do this you unzip the cover and work the blanket into the cover to align the corners together. Then I essentially crawled inside the cover to start hooking up each attachment. These are simple to do as they are all snaps that takes about 5 minutes to complete. Once this is completed place it on the bed and try out the weighted blanket.

What are the benefits of a weighted blanket:

-They may reduce stress related feelings
-They may increase serotonin levels
-Can help manage OCD
-Can help with restless leg syndrome
-Can help with ADHD
  (individual results may vary*)

I crawled under the weighted blanket and it felt totally different than any normal blanket that I’ve ever slept under. There is more pressure at every contact point with the blanket. It feels like you’re totally wrapped up and all the heat stays under the blanket. To me it’s a whole new sleeping experience, but I also enlisted my wife to get her thoughts.

She is always cold and wants to add more and more blankets on the bed. When we got this blanket she tested it out and found that having a sheet in between her body and the weighted blanket was the way to go. She has expressed this is the best blanket she has ever used and sleeps with it every night. The best part is that she doesn’t need more blankets piled on top of her. This brings her more warmth and a secure, cozy feeling.

There are many reasons that a weighted blanket can help assist many with sleep related issues, but it still comes down to each individual person. Could a weighted blanket help you sleep better? There’s only one way to find out….


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