Spin Chill Review

I love an ice cold drink, but there are those times when all you have are drinks that are room temperature. Sure I’ve been a man before and drank some luke warm beer to get the tailgate going, but what if there was a way to make the drink ICE cold is seconds?

The Spin Chill is the tool you need to have on hand at your next tailgate. The Spin Chill takes bottles, cans and even wine bottles and chills in a matter of seconds. They claim a can of beer will be cold in under a minute, strong statement? Well I thought so too until I did the real world testing. I hooked up a room temperature drink, 72 degrees, and used the Spin Chill for 60 seconds. The drink was a cool 45 degrees. I thought why not do it another minute, so at 2 minutes with the use of the Spin Chill the 72 degree drink was down to a very refreshing 38 degrees!

All this happened in TWO MINUTES!

The Spin Chill uses 4 double AA batteries and was the hit at the party last weekend when we started taking bets if this amazing tool could get the warm drink ice cold in a minute. People were impressed and yes I was one of those people!

The Spin Chill can do most bottles of wine, but it will take longer given the larger quantity of liquid to cool. This will take around 7 minutes.

PROS: Gets warm drinks cold fast and gets cool drinks ICE cold in under 2 minutes. It can do bottles, cans and even some wine bottles.

CONS: It can’t help with one of the things I need it for most: Champagne. The unique top on the Champagne will not allow it to work with the Spin Chill. Maybe a new Champagne edition in the future, hint hint Spin Chill:)

Overall, the Spin Chill is a great to keep with your tailgating gear. I know I will, because who wants to drink warm beer?

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