Tailgate Sunrise Drink

Early morning tailgates suck. Why do they have noon kickoffs anyways? Half of the tailgaters were out the night before conversating at local bars about how the team would do the following day.

Getting up early with a mild hangover and no taste for the normal alcohol choices can doom a tailgate.

I had to do something about this. Currently there are a few early morning go to’s that people use to start the early tailgate with Mimosa, Bloody Mary or heck, even an ice cold beer.

I decided to make a cocktail that would be smooth tasting, have alcohol and caffiene in it to hit the trifecta of what you need this early in the morning.


To make you need the following: Champagne, grapefruit juice (or a juice of choice), and monster energy (or an engery drink of choice) this is my fav combo though. Your individual results may vary.

You need about 75% champagne, and then split the remaining with juice and engery drink.

The drink is sure to go down smoothly and get you awake in the right state of mind to dominate your tailgate!

Let us know what you think of this combination.


As always NEVER drink and drive and please drink responsibly.

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