Tailgate Tire Table Review

Every good tailgate needs a table and most of these are set up behind the tailgate of the vehicle that you brought to party with. Sometimes it can get a little crowed here and you may need a side table where people can sit as well. The Tailgate Tire Table is a portable, easy to install table that hooks up to your tire to provide a stable table that is perfect for tailgating and camping.

The Tailgate Tire Table is a black powder coated table that folds flat, but when its time for action you can hook it over just about any tire to set up a table.

When I first got this I was worried it was going to be cumbersome, too hard to install and possibly damage the rim or tire. After getting to play with it a little while I was very wrong and saw quite a few fun possibilities with it for the tailgating crowd.

The Tailgate Tire Table will arrive in a box at your door and slides out of the box ready to use. Instead of attempting to explain with words on how to install on your vehicle it will be much easier if you watch the video below, but its pretty easy and I do it by myself in the video.

The Tailgate Tire Table holds up well to the weather and mounts on most all tires, so its ready for your next adventure.

PROS: easy to install, works with most all tires (14 inches and up) adds a small side table to a tailgate that can be used in a variety of fun ways. Did not damage my wheel or tire at all.

CONS: Only comes in one size.

Overall, this is a fun tailgating or camping table that gives you another table and allows you to be different doing it…which you know I LOVE!

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*The Review above is my opinion and my alone. Your individual results may vary.

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