Tailgating 101

Don’t let your next tailgate fail. Here are some basics to ensure that you and all of your friends has a great time tailgating.

1. Dress for the weather. If its 100 degrees don’t wear jeans. If its 20 degrees put on a shirt!

2. Buy more than enough food and drinks. Don’t skimp or you and your guests will regret it later.

3. Get enough ice, especially for those hot games. Ice can be used to cool the drinks or scooped into solo cup for a beverage.

4.Get to the tailgating spot no less than 3 hours before kickoff. By the time you set up and walk to the game there won’t be much time.

5. Leave the house early to beat the rush and get the best tailgating spot.

6. Bring enough chairs for everyone to have a place to rest.

7. Have a tailgating game to pass the time. Pong, cornhole, etc will all do.

8. Good music is a must whether its your car radio or a sweet system have something playing.

9. Wear your team colors and don’t be the guy who wears the wrong colors on accident.

10. Stick with Tailgating Challenge and we will make sure you tailgate better!

Others that we missed? Let us know what you think.


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