Tavour Beer Delivery

I love trying as many different beers as possible. The problem is I can’t make it to every brewery and most beers are only sold regionally. This is a problem that is solved with beer delivery services, as they send you a monthly package with different beers from breweries that you likely can’t get in your local area. This is great, but there has always been one issue with the beer delivery services that I’ve used in the past, they send some beer that I don’t like. I’m not a huge fan of stouts and porters, but they seem to come with EVERY shipment, to help give you a full beer experience. I understand the need for a good experience and a proper flight, but if you already know you don’t care for a type of beer, then why should you pay for it?! Tavour recognized this problem and solved it.

Tavour is a beer delivery service that takes the standard beer delivery service a step further. There is actual user engagement during the process to ensure you only get the beers you want, in the quantities you want. Tavour has an app that alerts you when they get a new beer in. They give you a picture of the bottle and the color of the beer, as well as a good write up about the beer. You then get to decide if you tap the button to put it in your crate, or not. They normally have 3 or 4 new beers to pick each day.

I signed up for Tavour and was intrigued by this new concept. I got the first alert and started to look over the write up and make the decision about clicking the button or not. At first you want to tap on all of them, but as you see the many options that come your way, you will soon become a discerning beer connoisseur by selecting only the ones that seem like the best fit for your taste palate.

Over the next 30 days I built my beer crate out and became more and more excited about the masterpiece of a collection that would be coming to my home. Once it shipped it I patiently waited for it to arrive. I got a text message from the delivery service to confirm the delivery time. Reminder, someone 21 years old, or older, needs to be home to sign for the package. When the package came in it was like Christmas came early, as it was such a fun package to open and of course drink.

I’m only a few beers into the shipment and I’m pumped with the decisions that I’ve made so far and looking forward to tasting the rest. The Tavour service is not only a FUN beer service that engages you daily, but it also ensures that you only get beer that you want. Yes I still have some old stout beer bottles in the back of the fridge from past beer delivery services that I’ll serve to a guest that likes that when they come over. With Tavour ALL of the beer will be enjoyed and enjoyed quickly:)

This is the best beer delivery service that I have found to date, but as always please remember to drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive.

Click the button below to sign up and get $10 off your first purchase of delicious beer.


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