The Junction Bell Review

I love college football and with that comes college traditions. If you watch SEC football then you know what goes down in Starkville, right? The Mississippi State Bulldogs get turned up when the fans start ringing the cowbells! For the opposing team this has to be annoying, but for a Bulldog it means it is time to get down to business.

How did the cowbell become the official noise of Mississippi State Football? Heck I had no idea, so I did a little research and it appears that while no one knows the exact origin, there is one story that seems to tell the history. There was a game between Mississippi State and arch rival Mississippi when a cow wandered onto the field. After the cow wandered onto the field the Bulldogs dominated on the field and from that point on cowbells became something that more and more fans brought to games, for good luck.

The Junction Bell is a company that makes custom Cowbells for Mississippi State fans and they made a special tailgating edition cowbell for me! Our custom cowbell has a Tailgating Challenge bottle cap in the handle and a bottle opener on the side. The handle appears to be made of a baseball bat and the noise comes from a large metal nut on the inside.

When I first got this I was honored that they made a custom edition for us, but thought aside from displaying this in my mancave, what would I do with it? Well after doing the video shoot (see below) this could have some fun uses such as quieting rival fans when they talk too much, or it can help you unwind if you’re frustrated. If you shake the bell real hard it has a therapeutic quality to it. That relaxation would only be for you, as those around you will likely tell you to Shut Up!

PROS: Custom made, loud, quiets rival fans, relieves stress.

CONS: Can’t take it into any other stadium aside from that in Starkville (to my knowledge)

Overall, if you’re a Mississippi State fan then you have to have a cowbell, right? So why not get a custom one made by the team at Junction Bell?

Visit their page to learn more HERE

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