The Ridge Portable Fire Pit Review

Having a big fire pit roaring on a cool night is amazing, but bigger may not always be better, depending on your situation. There are times where a smaller, more portable fire pit may fit your needs better. Blue Sky Outdoor Living makes BIG and small fire pits and today we focus on their smaller version in our: The Ridge Portable Fire Pit Review.

Blue Sky Outdoor Living has some great fire pits that we started started testing. Their bigger NFL team fire pit was one of the best fire pits that I’ve tested (see the review HERE). When I heard they were offering a smaller version to make the fire pit more portable I knew we had to compare the two.


  • Black powder-coated paint is rated for exposure to high temperatures
  • High-efficiency design burns wood pellets or firewood with little smoke, sparks or ash
  • Generates significant heat for camping, tailgating or a backyard fire
  • Easy to assemble, use, carry, clean and store
  • Reduces to 15.76″ Dia x 7″ H (40 cm Dia x 17.78 cm H) when not in use
  • Fire pit nests together to fit into a small carrying bag
  • Weighs under 15 pounds

Product Testing

We got our Ridge Fire Pit in and liked the fact that it was much lighter than all of our other fire pits. The nesting design made it even easier to transport and set up was as simple as stacking the top on the bottom. Now it was time to get this fire started.

One of the things that really impresses me with Blue Sky Outdoor Living Fire pits was the amount of heat and lack of smoke their bigger fire pit put out. They use an infused air technology to generate this efficient burn that creates more heat with less smoke. I call that a win win. This Ridge Fire Pit has the same technology as their larger fire pits.

These Ridge Fire Pits can use both wood pellets, or regular wood. The one thing that we quickly noticed was that normal sized fire wood does not fully fit in the fire pit and they have to lean on the side of the fire pit. We put in a few pieces of fire wood along with an Envirolog to get this fire pit started.

This Ridge fire pit also generated a good amount of heat and once the wood was burning we were able to poke it and get it all in the barrel of the pit. I did noticed that once all the wood was in the pit the air flow technology worked even better. This helped with smoke and more heat. My tip here is to use wood pellets, or fire kindling that will fit in the barrel of this fire pit.


PROS: portable, nesting design, air flow technology, clean burn, lower smoke, good amount of heat

CONS: normal sized fire wood and fire logs don’t fully fit into the barrel of this pit

Overall, if you need a portable fire pit that has the features of the big boys then this could be the fire pit for you. The ability to easily take it to multiple locations and the amount of heat it puts off makes this a fire pit that I could recommend. When I’m at the house I’ll still be using the bigger version of this fire pit, but if I’m going on the road, it’s a no brainer the Ridge Fire Pit is coming with me.

Get your own and see all the fire pits offered by visiting Blue Sky Outdoor Living

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We NEVER get paid to give a review. This way we can be honest with our true thoughts about a product. We were sent one sample to test out with the understanding that we’d give our honest opinion in the Ridge Portable Fire Pit Review.

Written By: Luke Lorick 1/3/21

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