The Tubby Glass Review

If you love beer then you know that drinking a beer out of a glass helps to enhance the overall beer experience. From releasing the smell and unlocking the full flavor, a fine beer should be served in a glass. Most pint glasses are tall and skinny, but why has there never been a cup and that is short and shall I say Tubby? The Tubby glass takes a pint glass and makes it shorter and wider.

The Tubby glass is totally different way to experience your favorite beer. It boasts the following features:

  • Ultra Wide Mouth – Short and wide, Tubby Pint Glasses have a great nose and feel great in your hand.
  • Full 16oz Glass – Great for Beer, Cider, or even your favorite Cocktail.
  • Rolled Drinking Rim – Patent pending rolled rim makes sipping more comfortable than ever.
  • Individually Hand Blown – Each glass is unique and handblown, and custom etched with the Tubby Hippo.
  • Great Beer Drinkers Gift – Great looking packaging makes for a fun unboxing experience.

I saw the Tubby online and saw their claims about being the best beer glass ever. When a claim like this is made you know I have to check it out for validity. I got two of the Tubby glasses in and the unboxing was amazing. The presentation of opening the container with each glass being wrapped in special Tubby tissue paper was pretty awesome. This would make it very easy to gift these to someone, as they’ve done the hard work of wrapping them up, the right way.

I put the Tubby in my hand and could feel it had good weight, which I like. The Tubby is made from handblown glass that can be put in the oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. I love the last part as I have some beer glasses that are not recommended to go into the dishwasher. There is a cool looking little hippo on the side of the glass that lets you know it’s a Tubby.

It passes the eye and hand test, but how does it do with a beer? The Tubby can hold a full pint of beer! It doesn’t look like it from the surface, but it does. I poured my beer into the Tubby and started my beer experience. The mouth of the Tubby is far more open than a standard pint glass to let you get your nose more into the glass to help smell the aromas of the beer. The glass did a good job of keeping the beer cold during the drinking process as well. Overall, very nice drinking experience from the eye test, to how it feels in your hand and it even helps to enhance the drinking experience of your favorite craft beer.

Overall, I’m a fan of the Tubby and I bet you will be too, especially if you’re a craft beer lover. Cheers all!

Check out the link below to get your Tubby and when you get yours tag us in a pic and let us know what you think.


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