Top Shelf Apex Cooler Review

There are so many coolers on the market it is hard for anyone that is in the market to make an easy decision on which one to buy. Sure they come in different colors and different sizes, but for the majority there are no major differentiating factors. Well that is until we got our hands on the Apex Cooler that has a BUILT IN BAR as an attachment.

Yes, you heard correctly this cooler has a built in bar! I was intrigued right when I saw this and knew we had to put this to our Tailgating Challenge. We have tested quite a few coolers in the past (check out some of the most unique coolers we’ve tested HERE) and we understand what makes a cooler different than the rest. We got our Apex Cooler in and started putting it together to see if it would be just as cool as we envisioned.

This was one of the first prototypes they sent us and they have already upgraded the mounting hardware and the party bar to make it ever better. The Apex Cooler is a 75 quart cooler that you install a black metal frame around that will be the support for the bar. The bar is then installed on two of the poles that the bar will sit on top of. The bar has space for over 7 bottles of your favorite liquor spirits and has cut outs for seven cup holders too. Yes, the cooler lid will open with the bar installed, so no worries there.

One of the things that is all the rage is to talk about how long can a cooler keep ice and I’m all about that if you’re going off the grid, or can’t get ice. Normally I just need a cooler to support my ice for 24 hours and I’m good. The Apex Cooler with the Top Shelf attachment went far beyond 1 day and got over 5 days of ice while sitting outside. After day three, with the ice in the cooler, we did the video shoot (see full video below) and literally was trying to break the ice as it had frozen over so we could fit a beer in the ice, so yes this cooler can keep things ice cold with the best of them.

The Top Shelf party bar attachment is perfect for tailgating, or your backyard homegating party, but of course we found another cool way to use this party bar in a game like fashion. You can see the cups can line up directly with the bottle of spirits that is behind it, so we made a game out of it. You have to throw a beer pong ball to try and sink it in a cup and whichever one you hit, that’s the drink you’re getting. Never again will someone not know what to drink. It will be determined based on their throwing skills.

Lets look closer at some of the features of the Apex Cooler:

-75 quart

-Weight 40 lbs.

-Internal Dimensions 14″H x 11⅝”W x 29¼”L

-External Dimensions 17¾”H x 18½”W x 34¼”L


-Keeps Ice over 5 days

Overall, this cooler stands out from the pack if you are looking for a bigger cooler that has the ability to convert into a bar (you can take the bar off and use it just as a cooler, too).

If you want to learn more about this cooler and get your then visit APEX COOLER SYSTEM

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Written By: Luke Lorick 9/1/20

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