Tower Pong Review

Tower Pong: “If beer pong and quarters had a child”

We had the chance to try out the new “Tower Pong” drinking game. This is a fun new drinking game that combines the classic beer pong and quarters games.

The first thing I noticed was how small, portable, and convenient this game would be to take literally anywhere.  There are not a lot of cups and balls to have to keep track of. Also, you do not need a large surface area like a beer pong table to play it, we used the top of our cooler!  It was really easy to learn, yet fun and challenging to play!

The “game board” slips over the neck of any bottle top, whether it’s beer, wine, soda, etc.  Once the game board is in place, you insert a small plastic cup in each of the four holes and you are ready to go.  Easy peasy.   The cups are labeled 1 through 4 and the object is to land a ping pong ball in each of the cups in the correct numerical order.  The shooter must bounce the ball into the cup.  When a ball successfully lands in a cup, the person in front of the cup must take a shot.  The game continues until the first person successfully completes the order.

Pros: Portable and convenient, small surface area needed, low price, and you can use any kind of bottle to play (beer, wine, liquor, water, or soda bottles all work).  Using a pop or water bottle makes this a family friendly game too!

Cons: I could see the potential of eventually one of the small cups being crushed. The cups could have been made more durable.

Overall: This is a fun, new and challenging game that people were excited to play! It is easy and convenient. We love it!

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