Tuff Truck Bag Review

If you own a truck then you use the bed to haul awesome things, Right? The problem is that pesky storm that comes out of nowhere and soaks your cargo. This can either ruin your great stuff or makes you not want to take the items at all, for fear that they will get damaged by the rain.

Tuff Truck Bag feels your pain and wants you to NEVER worry about transporting something for fear of getting it wet.  We were able to get our hands on 2 of their main products.

Tuff Truck Bags makes a large bag that you can secure your cargo in to keep it dry it measures: 40″ wide x 50″ long x 22″ tall. It has rings in the corners to allow you to attach it to the truck hook points to further secure the load and these bungee cords are included with purchase. This product is as advertised as we sprayed it with a high powered hose, from a variety of angles and the cargo was still DRY!

The other product we tested is a smaller bag that would be good for a variety of applications outside of tailgating as well. It is their Class 3 waterproof Tote Bag if you need a smaller bag to keep your belongings dry.  We actually tested this on the lake (I know there are some Boatgaters and Sailgaters here:)) we dropped the bag in the water and submerged it and the contents were still dry!. Again, Perfect for boaters and the price point right now is amazing.

PROS: Product as advertised.  Great for tailgating, boating and more applications.  The large truck bag can take the place of a tonneau topper or toolbox and then be removed so you have full use of the bed.

CONS: For the Full Size bag it was difficult to get the bag as small as it was out of the box when folding up to store. (Still Stores well in the garage or the cabin of your truck.

For the Tote bag I wish there was a snap for the fold over part of the bag.

Overall, one or both of these bags probably needs to be in your arsenal. Saving your phone or other electronics one time will pay for this product many times over!
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Get the most popular Water Proof Tote bag here: http://amzn.to/1MiP9Ln

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