Tuffy Mat Grilling Mat Review

If you grill then there is a chance that you’ll spill, but its ok Tuffy Mat is here so you can chill. The Tuffy Mat is a grilling mat that helps save your patio or deck from getting the stains from oil spills, sauce squirts and greasy meat hitting the ground.

I was sent a Tuffy Mat to check out for myself. The Tuffy Mat comes rolled up in a rectangular box and you have to lay it out and work its shape flat after you unroll it. The Tuffy Mat is made from recycled tires, which is awesome as I love environmentally friendly products, so when you first pull it from the box the smell is that of tires. The smell quickly fades, just leave it outside for a day or two.

I placed the Tuffy Mat in front of my grill and one of the benefits that it wasn’t touted for, but that I like is that I found myself wanting to stand on it. While not very thick it feels better that standing on concrete.

The Tuffy Mat can handle the spills that may fall its way: Ketchup, Mustard and Oil did no damage to the mat or to my patio during our tests. I didn’t test with dropping cooked meat on it (because come on I couldn’t waste something so delicious), but given how it held up to these test I’m sure it will dominate whatever you drop on it.


PROS: Looks good, handles spills and keeps your deck/patio looking so fresh and so clean, made from recycled tires

CONS: can’t use this under a fire pit, everytime I step on it with my shoes I can see the shoe print


Overall, if you grill then you’re bound to have a spill, so chill and order the Tuffy Mat. Your Patio and Mother Nature will thank you.


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