Twisted Dogs Review

Cooking Hot Dogs and Brats on the grill is a tailgating favorite, but are you ready to change the game up with Twisted Dogs. The Twisted Dogs product is compact tool that allows you make spiral cut incisions in your meat to bring out the flavor and make them look downright awesome.

We got to put these to the test recently. When I first saw this product my first thought was like why would you cut into the meat, won’t that actually make it DRY OUT on the grill!? Only one way to find out if my hyothesis was correct. I got some sausages (They have both hot dog and sausage models for thicker or smaller meat) I made the spiral cuts into the meat, fired up the grill and invited some friends over to get their input.

After pulling the meat off the grill I’ll admit it did look pretty cool. For the test, we grilled some sausages with the spiral cuts from the Twisted Dogs and some regular (without incisions) to do a side by side taste test.

The taste results were inconclusive as everyone thought both the regular and the ones that had the spiral cuts tasted delicious. The two things the test prove were:

1. Using the Twisted Dogs product made the meat look awesome and everyone commented “wow thats pretty cool”

2. It did not dry the meat out.

So while the Twisted Dogs tool didn’t seem to make an large impact in increasing the flavor it didn’t hurt the flavor and it will impress your guests with the unique way the meat looks at your next tailgate!


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