Two Fisted Drinker Review

We all know that person (or maybe you are that person) that has two fisted drinks before. Whether you like to drink them fast, or hate going back and forth to the cooler, Two Fisting is a thing that happens everywhere. The biggest issue with Two Fisting, or Double Fisting your drink is that you don’t have a free hand. You may need a free hand to do awesome things like fist bump, high five, play paper/rock/scissors, cornhole, beer pong, the list goes on. What if there was a way to double fist your drinks, but hold them both in ONE hand? Well there is now thanks to the Two Fisted Drinker Cup.

The Two Fisted Drinker allows you to pour TWO 16 ounce beers into connected mugs to be able to Double Fist with one hand. What should be pointed out is the opening/baffle at the bottom of the Two Fisted Drinker mugs that allows the beer to flow between the two glasses. So this is not simply two mugs connected together, but two mugs that work in harmony together.

Of course I had to put this to the test on camera(watch video below), because the biggest concern most had when I showed them this product was the thought that it was going to spill everywhere when you filled it up and started drinking. This fear was TOTALLY unfounded as I didn’t spill a drop in any of the testings. Again, the beauty of the Two Fisted Drinker is the opening port in the bottom that allows the beer to flow between the two chambers. As you turn it up to get your drink on it filters beer from one chamber to the other.  It doesn’t allow the beer to come pouring out of the top (as some thought it would).

You can get the Two Fisted Drinker in clear, blue or red. I prefer the clear as you can see the beer and watch it as it flows between each chamber. These are also shatter resistant plastic, so no worries if you Double Fist too many times and drop it. You can then toss it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

PROS: Shatterproof, dishwasher safe, doesn’t spill

CONS: If you’re a double fister then I haven’t found a CON yet, but for others it wouldn’t be a cup you would use every time you had drinks.

Overall, this is a fun idea to use at a variety of events. I could also see these being great for bachelor or bachelorette parties too.

Get your Two Fisted Drinker HERE

*As always please drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive. I’m all about having fun but safety is the most important. 

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