Wine to some is the nectar of the gods, but with one flaw…the wine hangover the following day. What if there was a way minimize the hangover while still enjoying the wine you love so much? Well now there is, with the ULLO, the ullo filters out the hangover inducing sulfites and it also aerates the wine for even better flavor! Win win situation!

I was sent a ULLO for testing purposes and I’ll be honest, I’m not a wine drinker, but I have plenty of people in my life that are. They were so gracious to help me by coming over to drink wine on multiple occasions and use the Ullo. After bottles upon bottles of testing I gathered the pertinent data from these testers to bring you the knowledge you need to know if the ULLO is right for you.

The claims for this product is that it can help eliminate a hangover (by filtering out the sulfites in wine) and that it adds flavor to the wine by aerating the wine after filtering. Let’s looks at both of these claims:

1. Does it stop a hangover? The filters that are used are good for 1 bottle of wine (you need to replace each time you pop a new cork). The consensus is that the filter DOES help reduce the effects of a hangover, but you do need to replace it with each bottle. The more wine you drink the greater chance you could have of having some hangover effects (no brainer right) but if you use the product it should minimize the effects to an extent.

2. Does the aerator add flavor? After the wine passes through the filter it goes directly to the aerator and then goes into your glass. The consensus is that it does add flavor to the wine as well. It may be perception but, in the taste tests people agree that the wine tasted better when used through the ullo.


Ullo offers a decanter that fits on the filter device so you don’t have to use the filter on each glass for each person. I recomend getting this too as there are little wine spills each time you take the Ullo off and back on another glass that you then have to clean up.


PROS: filters the sulfites out to reduce hangovers, aerates the wine to bring out the flavor, portable (easy to take the tailgate or party)

CONS: the filters are NOT reuseable, so that would be a big win if they offered a washable filter.


Overall, the ULLO does exactly what it claims and was a crowd pleaser in my testing events. If you need to give the gift of better flavor and less hangovers then its time for the ULLO.

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