Check out the solo cup with built in shot glass.

The Ultimate Cup is here and ready to help you take your tailgate and party to the next level.  Solo cups have been a mainstay on the tailgate scene for years, but have remain relatively unchanged….until NOW. Ultimate cup has taken your favorite solo cup and added a shot glass to it.  That’s right a built in shot glass.

The cup is a standard 16oz glass but then you flip it over and a 1.7oz shot glass is built into the bottom!

PROS: unique concept that takes the solo cup and upgrades it, less cups needed to bring to a tailgate.

CONS: flipping the cup over will cause any excess liquid to spill onto yourself or table….so just make sure you drink it ALL!

Overall, unique idea with a price that will allow you try it out and see if it can elevate your next tailgate to greatness!

Check them out here:


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