Vaportini Review

There is a new way to enjoy your favorite spirit…. by Inhaling your alcohol?! You heard correctly, the Vaportini allows you to inhale the vapors of your favorite spirit.

The team at Vaportini created this unique way to inhale a shot of any liquour that is over 70 proof (think whiskey, gin, flavored vodka,etc.) and its really easy to do.

My first disclaimer, I’m not a smoker, never have never will be, so I was skeptical if this would be something that I should even try… but hey I have to educate!

Once I received I followed the simple steps (outlined in pics below to hep walk you through it) on how to set up your Vaportini. Light the candle and have it in the bottom of the glass. Next place the globe on the glass and pour your spirit of choice into the globe. Then you wait 5 minutes and it will be ready for you to insert the metal straw to inhale a breath of alcohol:)

I’ll say this is not really like smoking at all. The thought behind this is that the heat makes the alcohol heat up and begin to evaportate. As this is taking place in an enclosed globe the ‘vapors’ hang around in the globe for you to inhale.

So the main question people have is: does it work? My answer after a few uses is: Yes. I tried it two different ways: one I only did the Vaportini and drank no other alcohol and second I used the Vaportini to supplement with having a few drinks, you know, the regular way.

When I only had the Vaportini it brought on a mild buzz that maintained, but never got past that mild buzz feeling.

When I had it combined with other drinks it seemed to get me buzzed faster than normal.

Here is the interesting part one shot of liquor in the Vaportini can last around 2 hours!

PROS: Fun way to entertain guests at a party, different way to imbibe, brings out the flavor of the alcohol, its claimed to burn off impurities and have almost no calories as well!

CONS: some will say why not just drink a shot, only comes with one straw (they sent extra for me) but something you may want to get if entertaining. *Doesn’t work with beer or wine

Overall, this is a fun way to enjoy a shot, epecially with a group of friends. If you’re ready to take a shot in a different way, then its time for a Vaportini.

Order one for your next party here:

**Rememer to drink (or inhale) responsibly and NEVER get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking.. or inhaling. #StaySafe

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