Wine Ovation Gun Opener Review

Opening a bottle of wine is fun because of what’s inside, but until recently the way you open it was not much fun. Wine Ovation has changed all of that with this FUN new way to open your bottle of wine…with a gun!?

Yes, I know on the surface that sounds crazy and pretty dangerous, but it’s ok this gun was specially made to help open your wine bottle in style.

The Wine Ovation is in the shape of a large gun but the barrel is the corkscrew and the trigger activates the corkscrew to pull the cork all the way out of the bottle. Once you remove the cork you can reverse the trigger to get the cork out of the gun. The Wine Ovation gun is rechargable and can open way more bottles than you can drink in a single night on one charge:)

The first time we used the Wine Ovation gun we thought that you had to reverese the trigger to pull the cork out, but that was a beginners mistake. Simply hold the trigger until it pulls the cork all of the way out of the neck of the bottle. Again, the reverse trigger feature is to get the cork out of the gun once removed from the bottle.

The Wine Ovation Gun Opener comes in grey or pink colors and even has a foil cutter to get that pesky wrapping off your favorite bottle of wine.

Watch our video below to see it in action!

PROS: rechargable battery, different colors, fun way to open a bottle of wine.
CONS: do not attempt to travel with this through an airport. I haven’t tried and neither should you:)

Overall, the Wine Ovation is a fun way to open a bottle of wine and perfect for the gun lover or cowboy in your family.

Get yours by  CLICKING HERE

*NEVER point a gun at anyone and always place guns out of the reach of children. When drinking never over consume and NEVER drink and drive. We want you all to be safe and just have FUN.

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