Winter Grillers

Tailgating Rule #1 Grilling is always the first option of cooking despite the weather or temperature!

Think about it…..You see, hear, even smell people grilling almost everyday during spring, summer and fall. You never hear much about people grilling during the winter. Why not? Oh its too cold outside to grill Wrong! During the spring you have baseball tailgating to coduct your grilling. Nothing like getting your friends together to cheer your favorite baseball team to victory, all the while, stuffing our faces with burgers and dogs.  During the summer your hanging out at the lake or lounging by the pool while someone fires up the grill to get the food ready.  We all know that grilling is essential during fall because of FOOTBALL! Tailgating, football and grilling all go hand in hand. This brings us back to our original question why no love for winter grilling?  It should be the best time to do your grilling!

When you get your grill fired up during the winter you are getting PRIMAL. You see and hear stories of cave men going hunting during the winter and getting the nice kill, and then throwing it on the open flame to prepare dinner.  This is what you get to do now…Well some just go down to the grocery store, but you get the idea. This winter has been snow and ice city but you will still find a true griller outside cooking some burgers or brats.  It is nice and warm when you are the grill master, standing over the open flame, so there is no need to worry about being cold!  Don’t think anyone grills during the winter just check Facebook and there are many groups that do this and are PROUD of it as they know they are part of an elite group! Want a good burger? where you going to get it McDonalds? WRONG. Here at Tailgating Challenge we Challenge you to FIRE up that grill and send us pictures of your coldest grilling attempt.

Don’t be scared ,the grill is warm and awaiting you.

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