Winter Tailgating Tips

Many of you in the south have been hit with the crazy winter storms recently and wow we really know now how tough you northern tailgaters are now! We are coming up on college baseball season and in the south that means we get to fire up the tailgating grills, set up our tents, break out some chairs, open the cooler and relax.

How does one deal with the cold weather and tailgating? Great question. There are many things you can do:

-Dress in layers

-Wear something to cover your head and hands (check out this great hat to stay warm)

-windproof  and/or waterproof material in case its snowing (these pants are cold weather approved)

-hand warmers(we just tried out a rechargeable one that will be free giveaway soon)

-fire pit (only fire pits rock) also make sure its legal to have a fire at your particular tailgate

-Bring a blanket into the game (have not tested any out yet. Any suggestions?)

-hot drinks and hot food always feel nice too (Hot boiled pnuts and a burger are my fav)

-Cuddle up beside a loved one (make sure you know the other person)

On top of all if you are warm you will be happy and able to really enjoy your tailgating experience.  We have tons of product reviews and free giveaways of items that will help you have a better tailgate so always check back and make sure to enter win.

Have some ideas to keep warm at the tailgate that we missed? Please share them with us!

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