Wyld Gear Cups Review

Did you know that humans use over 500 BILLION plastic cups each year? That number blew my mind! Sure I’m all for party cups at the tailgate, but come on, we have to do better. From sustainability of our natural resources to those tailgates where these plastics cups litter campus, it’s time for a change. It’s time for the Wyld Gear Cups.

The Wyld Gear Cups were designed with the iconic party cups in mind, but they wanted to help solve the problems about waste and litter. The Wyld Gear Cups look very similar to normal party cups, until you get your hands on one. These are solid cups that have a flush mounted lid to allow the cup to keep its party cup persona.

The Wyld Gear Cups:

-Come in 3 different sizes (16, 24, 32 ounce options)

-13 different colors

-Double Wall Copper-Dipped Insulated Stainless Steel

-Vacuum Sealed WyldSlyder™ Leakproof Lid

-No-Slip Grip Rubber Base

-Ice retention of over 2 days

The Wyld Gear cups come in 3 different sizes, so you can do it big, or small. I like the bigger one, because well I like not having to fill my cup up as much. They also come in 13 different colors! I don’t think the plastic cups come in that many colors. Now you can showcase your personal style with a variety of colors.

The Wyld Gear cups are made with double wall copper-dipped insulated steel. This translates to over 2 days of keeping your drink cold! I know, no one should ever take TWO days to finish their drink, but this does mean that Wyld Gear cups will keep your drinks SUPER cold during the tailgate. We completed the ice test in a controlled environment by filling the Wyld Gear cup up with ice and waiting. We checked on the ice every 12 hours. After 48 hours there was still ice in the cup, but we think the point was proved. This cup is like a cooler!

The lid is a flush mounted lid that has the smoothest opening slider that I’ve ever tested. It’s like its gliding on air. The lid makes the party cup retain its party cup persona, but in doing so also gives us the opportunity to share the only negative feedback about this cup: the lid. The lid does not form around my lips like other tumblers and as such I have ‘dribbled’ some drink out of my mouth and onto my face or shirt. I have to remember this to ensure I remain focused and don’t spill any on myself. Maybe it’s just my mouth, maybe its the lid, but that’s the only feedback I have for this otherwise remarkable cup.

The Wyld Gear cups could be used to play an awesome game of Beer Pong, but I think the game of Flip Cup may be out. On second thought, maybe that’s the new game of weighted flip cup! It will bring a whole new challenge to the iconic game

Overall, I’m a fan of these Wyld Gear cups and I just LOVE that this could make a positive impact on the earth that I love and the tailgating party!

Learn more and get your own by visiting: https://www.wyldgear.us/

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We were sent the cups to test out, but no money was taken for this review. Not our style. It’s a conflict of interest. Keeping it real and honest!

Written by: Luke Lorick 11/24/19

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