A1 Flags and Poles Review

If you love to tailgate then I know you love to support your team. A team flag(s) is an awesome way to show off your team spirit. Flying a flag at your house is easy, but doing so at a tailgating event can present challenges until you check out A1 Flags and Poles.

They sent us their tire mount and retractable 22 feet tall telescoping flag pole. Wow that thing can fly HIGH.

Set up was pretty simply. I attached two flags to the clips that were included and then set up the tire mount. You will need to drive your vehicle on top of the tire mount to ensure a solid foundation. Place the flag pole into the tire mount and then crank up, section by section, until you reach the height you want. (in the pic to the left that is NOT fully maxed out. It actually went to high for the photo shoot I was at)

The entire set up is super sturdy, I love that. I had a similar style product a few years back that actually snapped the pole in a strong wind. It would likely take a hurricane to snap this pole!

PROS: Sturdy pole, easy set up, goes up HIGH

CONS: would be nice if they made custom flags

Overall, this product will be coming to all of my tailgating events and they make a host of other type of mounts that may fit your needs. If you’re looking for a flag pole that will last and go way above the competition, literally, then check out A1 Flags and Poles today!

Check them out today:

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