BeanBagglz Review

Tailgating and fun games go together like beer and ice! Sometimes playing the same games over and over and over can get a little boring. The issue with that is that you don’t have the money or space to have 10, 20 or 30 plus games to keep you and the family entertained….until now!

The BeanBagglz (as seen on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome) is 33 games in 1…yes you heard correctly, in this one board you can actually play 33 different games! Talk about something that can keep everyone in your family happy.

The BeanBagglz game utilizes one board that can be set up cornhole style with the two back legs up or all 4 legs up like a table. There are different game boards that have different themes and games on them that can be flipped over for a new game. The boards actually store in a slot on BeanBagglz game (watch the video below to see it in action).  From baseball games, to bowling, chess, football and more the BeanBagglz set is almost guaranteed to have something that everyone will enjoy!.

When I got my BeanBagglz in I unboxed it and said WOW there is a lot of going on with this game! It has so many things to keep people entertained. I can see this coming in handy with a family with children who all have different tastes. This would most definately keep the kids entertained for hours. That alone is a reason that parents should buy this game:)

The game comes with one BeanBagglz board and you can get different packages that include various games as well. The kit I was sent was decked out and had more games than I could count! You can load the game boards into the BeanBagglz game and it has some storage compartments on the back to hold the various pieces to the other games as well. When loaded this game weighs more than a standard cornhole board, but comes with handles as well as wheels to help with transporting it.

PROS: 33 games in 1 makes it sure to be a hit with everyone, wheels to help with transport, storage for the game boards and pieces, saves space and money with having so many games in one vs buying individually.

CONS: a little heavier than many games (the wheels and handles help). For some it can be almost overwhelming due to so many boards, pieces and choices you have (but on the other hand many will love the options it brings)

Overall, ths is a great game if you get bored with games easily or have hard to please friends/family. In my opinion if you have kids that like to play games this BeanBagglz game is a must.

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