ChuggerKnights Game Review

Love tailgating games? Tired of the usual? You know what I mean cornhole, cornhole and more cornhole. Sure cornhole is fun, but there are so many other unique games that take your tailgating party to the next level. On the quest to find the next big hit at the tailgating party we came across the ChuggerKnights Game. Now let’s channel our inner knight mode and see how the ChuggerKnights Game Review does in our next Tailgating Challenge.

How to Play ChuggerKnights

-Set your game up (simple set up you can see in the video below)

-Tap Shields to commence the game

-Start to fight! Try to poke your opponents drink, before they burst yours. (glory hole counts double)

-Loser has to Shotgun what’s left in the can

-Pro Tip: wear Knight costumes when battling for the ultimate level of fun for you and your audience

What Did We Think?

The ChuggerKnights game has been a long time coming, as we have seen it on social media throughout 2023 and now it’s a reality in 2024. This is the drinking game they would have been proud of back in medieval times, as there are two proud knights that battle to the death, to the death of a beer that is!

The game setup is simple and highly portable. It sets up in 60 seconds with the game pieces (you can see full set up in our video below). You will then add the two clamps to clamp the game to the table, as some games can get intense! When you’re done playing the game pieces and all go into the game board and it folds and locks up for simple portability.

Once you get the game set up it’s time to insert your canned beverage of choice. The game has a slider on the back to securely fit both slim cans and normal cans for gameplay. When the cans are secured, the knights take their place to use their mini knights to battle. You touch your shields to signify it’s time to play the game.

For the game play you’ll have a shield in one hand and your lance in the other. When the game starts you’ll want to not only defend your drink, but also try to puncture your opponent’s drink. There are two ‘kill zones’ to focus on. When your lance pierces your opponent’s drink the game is over and the loser must drink their punctured beverage. While the other knight celebrates the victory.

While the lance weapons are sharp enough to pop a can they aren’t razor sharp, so they won’t cut you if you accidentally touch it. I still recommend being careful when playing that you don’t poke a human with the lance! Also insert the obligatory drink responsibly and never drink and drive here.

After multiple rounds of ChuggerKnights there will be a pool of drink at the bottom of the game and the overall loser may be asked to drink the mote! Pro Tip don’t lose haha!


PROS: portable, easy setup, unique and fun game, gives you a reason to dress up as a knight
CONS: there will be some beer wasted (it will be caught in the mote if you’re brave enough to drink the mote after gameplay)

Overall, this is a really fun tailgating game for both the players and those who get a front row seat to watch knights battle. If you’re looking for a unique drinking game to bring out the fun and smiles, ChuggerKnights could be just what the tailgating Dr. ordered.

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ChuggerKnights Game Review Video

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Written By: Luke Lorick 6/1/24

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