Cooler Insert Review

It’s summer time so if you’re like me you are using your coolers on a regular basis to keep your food and drinks cold. We had the opportunity to review the new cooler buddy: Cooler Insert.

Essentially this is an insert that fits into your cooler to keep the contents cold, but here is the twist: it keeps your cooler more organized and nothing gets wet or soggy. Sounds good right?

There are two ways you can use the Cooler Insert:

1. Fill with loose ice and water and place in your cooler.

2. Glacier mode. Fill the Cooler Insert with water and freeze the entire insert. Then place in cooler for longer cooling power. This is awesome as its a solid block of ice that can last for days in the cooler.

You have the ability to add more ice as needed to keep the cooler at the optimum cooling temperature.

PROS: Keeps your cooler organized, keep things from getting wet and soggy (who likes a soggy sandwich) there is a straw where you can get the fresh, cool water that melts in the CoolerMate Insert to drink. No more ice to buy

CONS: for Glacier mode you may need a secondary freezer or larger freezer. Some people like having the loose ice in the cooler to put in drink cups. Currently only comes in one size so it will not fit all coolers. They are working on bringing out additional sizes.

Overall, if you are cooling items aside from drinks, in your cooler, then the CoolerMate Insert may make sense to keep everything cold and DRY!

Order yours HERE

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