Cooluli 26L Cooling and Warming Box

Coolers are a staple for tailgaters, but what if you could cool or heat your food and drink with no ice or fire needed?

The Cooluli 26L cooling/warming box can cool the contents of the large box to 40 degrees with no ice. It can be plugged into a standard house outlet or can run with the power of your vehice (plug into cigarette lighter or USB)

Further, if you have food you want to keep warm on the way to the big game you can crank up the digital thermostat (pretty cool right) and then be able to heat the contents up to 90 degrees.

It has a locking handle to keep the contents safe and sound.

PROS: digital thermostat, locking handle, can cool or heat the contents. It has a ECO mode. Large capacity to hold larger items like a champagne bottle:)

CONS: the digital thermostat is not quite dialed in, as our reliable, hand held, thermometer showed different temperatures in all of our tests. The fan is a little noisy when it is not in ECO mode.

Overall, if you need a way to transport something cool or warm this is a great item to keep in your car. I can bring food home and it will still be HOT!

Get yours HERE

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