Cooluli Review

Tailgating and coolers go hand in hand, but what about a portable mini-fridge? Well Cooluli has a mini-fridge that holds a six pack of canned beverages and can be powered by your vehicle.

The Cooluli Mini Refridgerator is a smaller version of what you likely have in your kitchen and requires no ice. It works just like a regular fridge, but smaller. It comes with power cords where you can charge in a regular wall socket, or from your cars cigarette adapter.  This is a 4 liter fridge with an easy carry handle on the top. The fridge is very light so taking it wherever you go is simple. It has a removable shelf inside, so you can put taller drinks in it, if you desire.

What’s even crazier, is that you can flip the switch and it turns into a warming box to keep food or drink warm, instead of cold!

I put a room temperature drink into the Cooluli and checked it later and it was a cool 42 degrees.

PROS: heats or cools your food/drink. Can use at home or in your vehicle. light-weight and easily portable.

CONS: Doesn’t have a freezer style option to keep things frozen.

Overall, this is as my wife puts it a ‘very cute’ fridge that can be used anywhere from your fancave to heading out to tailgate in your vehicle.

You can get yours HERE

**As always Tailgating Challenge and Cooluli encourage you to drink responsibly and never to drink and drive.

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