Elevated Craft Unique Pint Glass

I love a cold beer as much as the next guy and I thought a normal pint glass was perfect for my cold beers. When I was told there may be better pint glass out there, I knew I had to put it to our Tailgating Challenge. Elevated Craft is working to elevate your drinking experience with their Elevated Craft Unique Pint Glass. Is this the next best thing for your beer, let’s find out.

Unique Pint Glass Features

-3 colors, stainless, gunmetal, copper

-Built in bottle opener

-Chillable 16 oz, removable glass

-Vacuum insulated base

What Did We Think?

When I first saw this I was like a pint glass and a tumbler collided and created this new hybrid pint glass. I love drinking from a pint glass, since I can see and smell the beer. I like drinking from a tumbler as the contents stay colder than my normal pint glass. The Elevated Craft pint glass brings the best of both worlds together.

First, how does this pint glass look and feel in your hand? The pint glass comes in three different colored bases. I liked the Gunmetal and Copper best, as they seem to stand out more from the sea of stainless tumblers out there. The glasses feel sturdy and solid in my hand. The pint glass has a unique overall look as the top of the 2 inches is exposed glass while the rest of the glass sits deep in the tumbler style base.

The 16oz pint glass locks into the tumbler style base and you can feel it snuggly connect. The pint glass is made of glass and even if you turn it upside down the pint glass doesn’t fall out of the base. Having the top 2 inches of the glass exposed allows you to see the color of the beer, while the beer at the base gets to stay cold, very cold.

Speaking of cold, that is one of the selling points of this tumbler. To put it to the test I filled the Elevated Craft unique pint glass up with 3 ice balls and then I put 3 more ice balls in a normal pint glass. I waited and waited, turns out ice balls don’t melt fast at all, but when I checked back over an hour later (see video for testing shots) you can see a puddle of water at the bottom of the normal pint glass. In the base of the Elevated Craft pint glass it got so cold the ice froze to the pint glass and wouldn’t even come out. This told me all I needed to know that my beer was going to stay very cold in the depths of the Elevated Craft Unique Pint Glass.


PROS: Unique styling, keeps beer colder than normal pint glass, combines a tumbler and pint glass for best of both worlds, built in bottle opener
CONS: a rubber or silicone circular edge on the bottom would be nice to protect items you place it on and stop any slide of the glass

Overall, this may just be my new favorite beer drinking glass. Keep the pint glass chilled, slide into the base and enjoy beer that’s the same temperature from the first sip to the last.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 2/22/24

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