EZ Fan Feet Review

Tired of your tailgating tent getting blown away? Hold it down with EZ fan feet!

Tailgating tents are a must when you are attending a hot and sunny sporting event.  I’m sure we speak for the masses when we say at many a tailgate the wind as taken away or blown over your tailgating tent.  EZ Fan Feet has solved this issue

EZ Fan Feet is a new product that does two things for your tailgating tent.  It raises the tent a good six inches ( all you taller folks can now stop bumping your head and having to duck into the tent). It also provides a stylish way to secure your tailgating tent when you are on a paved surface.
Each purchased EZ Fan Feet set will include 4 football shaped anchors and the necessary hardware to attach the footballs to your tent.  The trick is that you have to fill up the hollow football with sand (or water) to get the weight to hold the tent.  Each Football will hold up to 10 lbs of sand.
The footballs will attach to the bottom of each tent leg to raise the tent and secure it should it be a windy day.
PROS: stylish product that fills a need for people who tailgate on paved surfaces. Ability to add team logo stickers to the football for a customized feel. Raises the tent to accommodate those over 6 feet tall.
CONS: Once filled you have 40lbs of football weights that you have to bring with you
In our opinion if you tailgate on asphalt or any paved surface this is something you should consider adding to your tailgating arsenal. These are under $50.00 to get a set of 4.

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