Gametime Sidekicks Review

I’ve tested numerous tumblers in my line of work and for the most part they are all pretty similar. There is a sea of stainless vacuum sealed tumblers than can keep your drink cold for hours, but I love it when a company does something to differentiate themselves from the pack. Gametime Sidekicks has done just that with their fun and unique lineup of tumblers for your entire family.

Gametime Sidekicks brings the ice cold properties of regular tumblers, but takes a step further with unique styles like a chromed out or a carbon fiber tumbler. The likes of which I had not seen before.

Here are some of the properties of the Gametime Sidekicks:

  • Double Wall 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Copper Lined for maximum temperature efficiency
  • Food Grade – No Metallic Taste
  • Vacuum Insulated
  • Shatterproof
  • No Sweat
  • BPA Free
When I first came across these tumblers I really wanted the carbon fiber edition, but they were sold out! Obviously more people than just me like the idea of a carbon fiber tumbler. The team at Gametime Sidekicks recommended the chromed out edition, as it would really ‘pop’. I agreed and got our Tailgating Challenge logo on the chrome tumbler and then for my ‘Sketchy’ sidekick I got his Texas AM Tumbler with his name ‘Sketchy’ on the other side.
I still remembered when I gave that tumbler to him how excited he was, because it was something personalized for both his love of the Aggies and his love of well being sketchy. This can make a great gift opportunity for those in your life to personalize a tumbler that will then be their go to tumbler for years to come.
Ok we have discussed that Gametime Sidekicks makes some of the most uniquely styled tumblers on the market, but how do they actually perform? We took our tumblers to the brewery on multiple occasions to fill them up with some cold craft beer and wouldn’t you know it they kept the beer much colder than drinking it out of the standard glasses that they serve it in.
I only had one issue with the tumbler in that the rubber gasket on the lid kept getting twisted and that made it tough to put the lid back on the cup. To solve for this I removed the entire gasket, wiped it and the lid down and then put it back on. Since then it has not had any issues.
If you’re looking for a tumbler that can represent your team and your unique style, then click the button below to see all the offerings that Gametime Sidekicks has for you….They even have sippy cup tumblers for your little ones!

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