Grillbot Review

A dirty grill is not something a grillmaster can live with, but cleaning it can be such a chore. I know everyone has heard of the Roomba that vaccums your house with a motorized machine that covers every inch to clean your home without you having to push the bulky vaccum cleaner.

What if I told you there was a similar tool that did this for your grill, well meet the Grillbot. This is the ROOMBA for the grill!

The Grillbot is a small Roomba like object that has 3 sets of brushes that go to work to clean that dirty grill. The Grillbot has 3 timer settings 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes. It is recommended to use the 30 minute session on your first grill cleaning.

Lets talk about using the Grillbot. When it comes in the mail you will need to charge it up for about 2 hours to get it prepped for battle. Then you simply put it on your grill and set the amount of time needed (its one button that you press once for 10 minutes, twice for 20 minutes or 3 times for 30 minutes) Once you find the time setting you want simply place on grill and it will give you about 3 second before it gets down to business.

I used this on my STOK Quattro grill with Grill Grate inserts and they were pretty disgusting (you can watch the video below to see more). I set it for 30 minutes and closed the lid…you must close the grill lid or it will run away and hit the ground. The Grillbot is pretty noisy as it bumps into the side walls to change its course. After 30 minutes it cuts off automatically so you know its done.

I opened the grill and the results were mediocre. It appears the top surface was cleaner but the overall grill still needed some deep hand cleaning. This is because of two things. First off, I let the grill get real dirty for this and maybe that was overkill. Second, I have Grill Grates installed on the grill so the brushes can’t get into these deep valleys that the Grill Grate presents.

The Grillbot did do a better job when used on a neighbors grill that had a standard grate and wasn’t quite as filthy as what you saw in the video.

PROS: fun idea to help keep the grill clean, 3 different time settings to adjust to your grills filth level, different colors

CONS: noisy to use, may not work well with extremely dirty grills or with different grill inserts ie: Grill Grates

Overall, this is a fun idea for many grillers, but as it didn’t work on the grill that we had I can’t give it my full stamp of approval at this time.

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*The review above is based on my opinions and my use of the product alone. All reviews are NON paid. Your individual results may vary. 

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