Kool Max Cooler Review

Currently, its not enough to just have a cooler at the tailgate. Coolers have become LOADED with technology and its amazing what’s out there.
We were lucky enough to get our hands on the Kool Max cooler recently to give our thoughts on.
The Kool Max cooler is a cooler but also has a tailgate rocking 350 watts of power and 4 speakers to bump your favorite tailgating tunes. It has a built in radio, inputs for hooking up your MP3 player and even bluetooth to allow you to control it wirelessly from your phone.  Speaking of wireless, it also has a wireless remote to allow you to pause, stop, play, mute or crack the volume up from a distance. There are 2 built in drink holders on the lid of the cooler as well as another storage area on the lid. There are bottle openers on each handle. The cooler also has wheels for easy transport when fully loaded.

The sound system and the 350 watts sets this cooler apart, but wait there is more. There is the ability to hook up a microphone or guitar to really get the crowd going on the tailgate. How often have you wanted to get the team chant going in the parking lot before the game. Well now you can!

PROS: 350 watts of power, bluetooth, rechargeable battery so NO wires! Included is a light that can go inside the cooler to help you see your beverage selection at night. My fav: Being able to hook up a mic or guitar!

CONS: the one big con is that you CAN”T sit on the lid, due to the storage compartment that would likely collapse if one sat on it.

Overall: I’m super pumped to roll this out to tailgate this fall. I hope I don’t get in trouble getting too loud on the mic:)
I’m going to give this Kool Max cooler the official Tailgating Challenge stamp of approval. I don’t like the fact you can’t sit on the top of the cooler, but there are so many other AMAZING features this cooler gets the STAMP!

Order yours by clicking HERE

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