Maxoak Bluetti AC10 Review

One of the things we crave in life is POWER! We all want power at our fingertips and that has never been easier with portable power stations, like the Maxoak Bluetti AC10. We review this product to show you why it could help you power all of your portable electronics on the go.

We got our hands on the new Maxoak Bluetti Ac10 to see how it could help us power up the tailgate as well as all of the off the grid adventures we are getting into out here in Colorado. We got our Bluetti AC10 in and the first thing I noticed was the sleek style and that it was a tad heavier than I thought it would be. This Bluetti Ac10 tips the scales right under 3 pounds (2.75lbs) and while it still made it into our hiking packs, every bit of weight savings count. Aside from the weight there are some nice features this portable power station packs:

-TSA Approved

-Three Recharge Ways: AC / USB-C Recharge and Car Recharge (4 hours to charge the power bank)

– Emergency LED Lighting/SOS Function

-Built in BMS (Battery Management System)

-Built in BMS (Battery Management System)

-AC Outlet Portable Charger and 2 USB Charger Outlet

-Peak power: 140W

We got to work on testing this out some common items:

Keurig it worked!

Charging Dyson vacuum, it worked!

Charging laptops it worked great!

Charging cell phones, it took 1 hour 30 minutes to fully charge an iPhone from 0%-100% battery life.

We had to find some things that didn’t work and two that jumped out were hair dryers and blenders. The charge on these is higher than what this device is able to complete.

The reality is it is those small electronics that seem to go dead at the worst times. This Maxoak Bluetti AC10 gives you peace of mind when you’re at the tailgate, camp site, hiking, or at home when the power goes out. There is a built in light that could come in handy when the power goes out or the sun goes down.

Being a guy that travels by air on a regular basis (well before this COVID pandemic) having one of these in my carry on bag is something that I always like to make sure is packed. From charging up my phone to my wife needing some juice for her computer this could be a life saver.

Note that this can charge your cell phone around 7-8 times and your laptop 1-2 times. There is a quick charge pd3.0 45w quick charge usb-c that can charge your phone twice as fast. You will need the proper cable to use this quick charge. Ideally, I’d like to see them swap out one of their USB charges with a quick charge USB port.

Overall, there are some pros and cons to this portable power station, but it can save the day and give you the power you need when you’re away from the house.

Learn more and order your own Maxoak Bluetti AC10:

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No money was exchanged for this review. Maxoak sent us a sample with the intent to get our honest thoughts on.

Written by: Luke Lorick 6/15/20

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