If you know me then you know I love to have fun. What can be more fun than a glowing, flashing, neon cowboy hat?
Our friends at Neon Cowboys have a line of cowboy hats that actually glow in the dark and no you aren’t required to live in Texas to own one;)
The hats come in a variety of colors and have 3 settings: solid glow, flashing, and fast flashing.
These hat’s are not adjustable and come in a 24″ circumference. If your head is smaller you can request hat filler at check out.
There are two issues with this hat. The hat has a light beeping noise that is constant if the hat is glowing. The other issue is for those of us with larger than 24″ heads (I have a big head I have to admit and its not due to arrogance:)) The hat will fit, but not as comfortably as it could with some level of light padding or expanding feature.

PROS: you really stand out. These are fun, variety of colors, custom logos can be added (25 or more)
CONS: beeping noise when lights are on. The hat is not adjustable
Overall, I have to admit these are fun hats that will be conversation starters. If you’re at an event you will easily be able to find your friends if they are wearing a Neon Cowboys hat. I think I’ll be wearing my green one for St. Patty’s Day!
Get yours here:

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