Ora Paper Towels Review

At a tailgating event you have to have some napkins or paper towels, but mother nature and her pesky wind can sometimes end up making these fly all over the tailgate. The Ora Paper Towels are essentially windproof (see video below) well maybe not from a Texas tornado, but from your average wind.

When I first was approached and told that Ora Paper Towels are a tailgating must have item, I admit, I thought it may be a little bit of a reach. After using them, I can see where they can easily have their place at the next tailgating event or backyard BBQ.

The Ora Paper Towels look at first like snow cones, but you can pull each off and it’s a circular towel that is more absorbent than I anticipated.

I used them to ‘dab’ off my sausages (gotta watch my figure:)) and it didn’t come through on my hands!

PROS: holds up well in wind. Absorbent

CONS: You can’t adjust the size as with regular paper towels where you can pull off multiple and they are all hooked together.

Overall, I was impressed with the Ora Paper Towels overall and will be happy to use them at a future tailgating event.

You can get the Ora Paper Towels at Target retail stores.

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