Royal and Awesome Review

I’ve always liked to stand out, but there are few clothing lines that can actually help someone do this. That is until I came across the Royal and Awesome line up of clothing.

The Royal and Awesome company makes clothing for people who live their life in the most awesome way possible. They have a variety of styles to choose from and none of them are mainstream. They are in your face and eye popping. I browsed through their options to select the pair of pants that I thought would best fit my style. I like things that are bright and eye catching and the King of Diamonds style fit the bill.

These came in the mail and I opened them up and was impressed with how the material felt and the richness of colors in the diamonds. These pants are aggressive and I knew that when I wore them in public that all eyes would be on me. If you’re not someone that likes the attention to be on you, then I can say move on, as you’ll start getting comments and meeting strangers as soon as you step out.

I put these on and went to my corporate job and prepared myself for what was about to happen. As I walked around I saw many people being caught off guard by the wildness of these pants. Some people high fived me. Others said only you Luke could pull these off. There were comments about playing Twister, Walt Disney, clowns, golf and more. I can all but guarantee you that you’ll be one of a kind if you roll out with these on.

We know these pants stand out in a crowd, but how do they feel? I slid these pants on and was impressed with how comfy they were. They were also true to size, as well. The pants are made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex. They stretch and breathe very  nicely. These pants also have a small cut on the bottom outside leg on each side, so they can easily slide over your shoes. In addition, there is even a spot to hold your golf tees. The only downfall I found with these pants is that the zipper could be of higher quality. Sure it works, but it doesn’t zip up as smooth as most pants I have.

PROS: Stand out styling, feel great, true to size, breathability
CONS: could use an upgraded zipper

Overall, if you know you can’t fit in then you must STAND OUT!  Time to visit Royal and Awesome!


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