Shakoolie Review

If you’re like me time is very valuable. The need to pregame and get fresh can conflict, so sometimes a good shower beer can make great use of your time. Until now there wasn’t a great solution for where to put the beer in the shower until: Shakoolie came along. The Shakoolie is a koozie built for the shower.

The Shakoolie has fun sayings like So Fresh and So Clean, Happy Hour in the Shower and more. The Shakoolie has velcro on it to attach to the mounting base that is a sticker that goes on the shower wall for the Shakoolie to attach to. (Two mounting stickers with velcro come with each Shakoolie)

In testing the product it can easily hold a full beer and there were no concerns with it falling off. It is still recommended to never use glass bottles in the shower, just in case.

PROS: Fun sayings, secure hold on the drink, gives you the ability to mult-task.

CONS: A suction cup feature to adhere to the shower wall. The sticker can only be used in one shower and has to stay up even after use.

Overall, this is a fun product that is also a great gift to give those people who love to be clean, but enjoy a nice pregame drink too.

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