Smokey Mountain Hog Sauce Review

BBQ is one of our favorite condiments and we treat it like craft beer. Why you ask? There are hundreds of amazing craft beers out there, just like BBQ sauce and we love to try a variety of both. This helps us better understand and appreciate ALL forms of the craft. Today we check out the Smokey Mountain Hog Sauce Review.

Hog Sauce Flavors

-Original: The sauce that started it all.

-Honey: Smokey and sweet.

-Spicy: Smokey, sweet with a little bit of heat.

What Did We Think?

It’s time for the moment of truth. How did these three sauces fair in our Tailgating Challenge? Given we were testing multiple flavors we figured we would make it into a flight with our craft flight board.

We poured a taster of each flavor out, cooked up some chicken, and then started dunking the chicken chunks to get the taste test on.

First up, Original. This one had the thinnest consistency when we poured it. I fully dunked the chicken and then taste time. This one has a little smoke and tang that was very pleasant.

On to the spicy. We had to pull out our fire hat as we expected quite a bit of heat. When we tasted this one it brought the tang, smokey flavor and then a hint of spice. It was not too powerful from the spicy stand point. I’m not a huge fan of spicy and this one did well for me. If you like BIG heat then this will not be the one for you.

Finally we get into the Honey flavor. This was my favorite as it brought the smoke, tangy and added a hit of sweet for a very nice mouth feel.

These were all well received and I have nothing negative to say about the sauce itself, but the labeling needs some updates. It took me far too long to figure out how to tell what flavor was what.


PROS: good flavor, 3 different styles, none of the styles are over powering
CONS: labels don’t show WHAT flavor it is well enough

Overall, all three of these Hog Sauces were pretty dang delicious. Just like beer I love trying different styles of sauces and these made for the perfect BBQ Sauce Flight.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 1/30/22

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