Soft Touch Stadium Chair Review

I love going to football games, but after a while,if you’re sitting on bleachers, then things can get uncomfortable. It takes away from the awesome experience of the sporting event. What if there was a way to turn that hard, cold, uncomfortable bleacher into the best seat in the house? Well now there is with the Soft Touch Stadium Chair.

The Soft Touch Stadium Chair was built with your game day experience in mind. It comes in three different colors (red, black and blue) and even has a built in cupholder. What makes this stadium chair different, in my opinion, is that it has back straps that you can easily throw it on like a backpack and it is a recliner that has 6 different setting, so you can find your most comfortable position.

The stadium chair is made from waterproof material, so don’t worry if things get a little wet at the game. It also has a non-skid bottom, so it doesn’t need any straps to hook it into position. This was different for me, as the other chairs I’ve reviewed all had straps to secure the position on the bleachers. The stadium chair did a good job of not sliding around, which surprised me at first. I spent a few minutes looking for the strap and thought the backpack straps were the locking mechanism at first.

In my use of this (check on the video below) there was a huge difference from sitting on a hard bleacher to then sitting on the Soft Touch Stadium Chair. There is good padding on the bottom and it had multiple different positions to lean back with. The chair really increased the level of comfort compared to the regular bleacher and it was simple to set up and transport.

These chairs come in regular and and wide editions, so no matter your body type they will have space for you to enjoy the game. One thing to remember is that you may need to check with the stadium you’re going to, to ensure they allow these chairs in the stadium.

PROS: increased comfort of gameday experience, two sizes for different body types, backpack design for easy transport

CONS: may not be allowed in every stadium

If you’re tired of being uncomfortable while enjoying the big game, then it’s time for you to check out the Soft Touch Stadium Chair lineup.

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If you prefer the wide edition go HERE

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