The Rolling Table Review

Every good tailgate has a table, but sometimes getting the table and all your gear to the tailgate can be a challenge. Some tailgates are set up where you have to bring all of your tailgating gear to a designated spot and you can’t simply pull your truck up and unload. This is tough if you have to haul your table, chairs, and cooler to the tailgating spot. Of course we found an innovative way to help solve this problem thanks to The Rolling Table. The Rolling Table allows you to take your table, cooler and chairs, almost anywhere, with just one hand. Now let’s learn more about this life hack in The Rolling Table Review.

Has This Ever Been You?

The Rolling Table Features

-Holds up to 500 pounds

-3 different colors

-Easy clean when there are spills

-Comes with color matches chairs (4)

-Table weight = 40 pounds

-All terrain wheels

What Did We Think?

I came across The Rolling Table on Facebook one day and I stopped scrolling in my tracks, as this table looked like it would be a tailgating game changer.

The Rolling Table comes in three colors: Black, White and Red. I loved that there were colors more than just the standard white we see so often with the basic tailgating folding tables.

The set up of The Rolling Table is easy, you simply need to attached the two all terrain wheels to the axels and secure with a lug nut. Then you’re ready to roll, literally.

The wheels can flip out for transportation and back in when you set the table up. The wheels did great with the different terrain that we tested them on. From snow, dirt, pavement and even rocks; The Rolling Table kept on rolling, as it knows when you have to get to the tailgate, you can’t let anything stop you.

The Rolling Table has the option of 4 color matched chairs that can attach to the upper rack on the table, for easy transportation. There is also a lower rack that I like to use as a kick stand (you can see in the picture below the red table standing up). It can also allow you to transport a small cooler around (it is rated for up to 15 pounds). Larger coolers can be too heavy and they can also impact how well you’re able to haul your chairs.

The table can hold up to 500 pounds and since we like to put products to the full test we placed two full grown adults on the table and it still felt secure. Sorry Bills Mafia fans, this table may be a little too sturdy for your tailgating antics!


PROS: multiple colors, amazing all terrain wheels, ability to carry multiple items in one hand
CONS: can’t use larger coolers on the lower rack as well

Overall, this is one of the most genius tailgating tables we have seen and think that we will start to see more people using this table in tailgates across the country. Some would say this is a life hack, but we are going to call this a tailgating hack.

Learn more and get your own by visiting THE ROLLING TABLE.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 2/15/22

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