Cliq Chair Review

I’ve tested out a vast array of tailgating chairs over the years. They come in all sizes from giant hammock chairs to smaller folding chairs (See some of the top chairs we tested out last year). Hauling multiple chairs around can be a pain. Well it used to be a pain until we found the Cliq Chair.

The Cliq Chair is the bottle sized chair that weighs less than 4 pounds and folds up to be smaller than a 2 liter soda bottle. The Cliq Chair boasts the following features:


-Holds up to 300 pounds

-Solid Rubber Feet Tips

-Aircraft grade aluminum

-Weighs 3.65 pounds

We took our Cliq Chairs to Fredericksburg, TX to test these out in hill country. When I first set up the Cliq Chair I didn’t find it as comfortable as I hoped it would be, but after playing with the chair more I learned that all four of the supports on the chair pull out. I wasn’t pulling out the supports by the legs. Once these were pulled out the comfort level went up tremendously.

I walked around with the Cliq Chair in my hand for an extended period of time, as we looked for a scenic spot to shoot the video (see below). The Cliq Chair is easily the most portable chair that we have tested. At less than 4 pounds it’s a breeze to hold multiple chairs, hook them onto your backpack (they have a key ring style clasp), or load them up on a bag that take multiple tailgating chairs to your next event.

In sitting in the chair it’s more comfortable than it looks. When I set the Cliq Chair up my friends had questions if these would be comfortable. Given how small they are I can see where people would have questions about the comfort level of these chairs. After sitting in the chair I found myself leaning by and having only 2 of the legs on the ground. Of course my wife said I’m going to break chair, or flip over. Neither of those things happened. The base of the Cliq Chair is made from Aircraft grade aluminum that looks and feels durable.

The Cliq Chairs claim to hold 300 pounds of weight. I tip the scales around 190, so I needed some additional help to put this claim to the test. I had my lovely spouse come sit on my lap and put all of her weight on me to get us closer the to the claims of 300 pounds.

The Cliq Chair is low to the ground with about 12 inches of ground clearance when you sit down. I could see how some with knee issues could have trouble getting in and out of these chairs due to the low height.

While in our rental cabin I found myself sitting in the Cliq Chair more than the furniture in the home, as we watched college football games. When a tailgating chair gets the nod over your furniture it shows just how comfortable these Cliq Chairs are.

Overall, these Cliq Chairs are awesome if you’re looking for a lightweight chair that is easy to take on your next adventure. From the tailgate to the campsite you can keep a couple of these Cliq Chairs in your vehicle so you’re always ready.

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Love NON biased reviews? We didn’t take a penny to write this review on Cliq Chairs. We’ve done hundreds of truthful reviews that you can find in our Product Reviews section. 

Cliq Chairs sent us samples to test out to get our truthful opinion on. 

Written by: Luke Lorick 1/4/20

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