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When you head out for the tailgate you need a great chair to relax while you enjoy the tailgating festivities. Many people think those $10 chairs that slide into the sack that you can pick up at any retail store are the right tailgating chair. WRONG! Those chairs quickly fall apart and break. I’ve even seen people get hurt when these chairs fail. The good news is I’ve been testing different tailgating chairs all year long to put together my Top Tailgating Chairs that will take your tailgate to the next level.

1. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker made our list of top Tailgating Chairs because it could be the most comfortable chair out of all the ones on this list. The Freestyle rocker has built in ‘shocks’ in the back that give you some smooth rocking motion when you’re at the next tailgate. When you’re done this chair folds flat and can be easily transported. This chair even won our award for Top 10 products for our National Tailgating Day

National Tailgating Day

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2. GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker with Sunshade

This chair is also made by the team at GCI Outdoor and the Pod Rocker has the awesome rocking motion of the above mentioned Freestyle Rocker, but it also possesses an adjustable sunshade. The sunshade is the game changer because now you can keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face when you’re trying to relax at the tailgate. This chair will also collapse and easily be able to put away when it’s time to go into the game.

Learn more about the Pod Rocker from GCI Outdoor:

3. Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair 

Yeti makes a chair! I know most only equate Yeti to awesome coolers that can keep ice for days, but they came out with the Hondo Base Camp Chair that made our Top Tailgating Chairs because it may be the most rugged tailgating chair that we’ve tested. The Hondo chair can hold up to 500 pounds! It also has a full mesh back that you will appreciate on those hot days.

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4. Kijaro Rok It

The Kijaro Rok It chair is another chair that made our list because of the comfort. The rocking motion this chair has is not that of some of chairs mentioned, but it does have a small range of motion that I enjoy. The Rok It chair has the best back support of any chair that I’ve tested. For those that have back issues and need to work on posture this could be the chair for you.

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5. Kamp Rite Sac It Up

Next up on our Top Tailgating Chairs list is the Sac It Up chair from Kamp Rite. This is more of a beach styled chair, on the surface. This chair is comfortable, but the reason it made our top tailgating chair list is because it converts into a cornhole board! The Sac It Up will fold flat and there is a pouch on the back that has the included mini cornhole bags. Now you have your chair and your tailgating game, all in one. Did I mention that it plays differently than the standard cornhole boards, so its a whole new Challenge!

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6. Kelsyus Canopy Ottoman Chair

Next up we have the Kelsyus Canopy Ottoman Chair that made our list because it has both a canopy and an ottoman! There are some chairs that have a built in canopy to keep the sun off, but how many also have an ottoman to put your feet up? It all folds up when you’re done for easy portability. Get your relaxation on with this Kelsyus chair.

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7. FlowerHouse Football Hanging Lounge Chair

This may be the craziest chair that made our list of top tailgating chairs, because you’ve likely never seen a chair like this at the tailgate. The reality is that this chair could be taken to the tailgate, but this chair excels for homegating parties (check out our National Homegating Day). This hanging chair has the football design and a whole different way to relax before the big game. The style points for this chair are off the chart and with the thick pad at the bottom and two built in drink holders, you may not want to get up.

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8. SportChair

Last but not least is the SportChair! The SportChair is an inflatable chair that will really surprise you. I never thought an inflatable chair would make our list of top tailgating chairs, but this SportChair changed my mind. It is a self inflating and deflating chair that you can adjust the exact amount of air pressure to perfect your comfort level. It pumps up in about a minute and can deflate in about the same time. This chair is the reason you should never judge something before trying it out.

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That wraps up our top 8 tailgating chairs that we are sure you will enjoy. If your current chair doesn’t measure up it’s time to upgrade to a better seat in the house. Thanks for taking the time to check out these chairs and drop us a comment to let us know which one you like the best and if there is a chair we left out that should have made our list for 2019.

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Written by: Luke Lorick 11/9/19

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