Top Gear For Homegating 2024

Tis’ the season for homegating! National Homegating Day is Super Bowl Sunday. For those that don’t know homegating is tailgating at home. This means all of the fun of the tailgate in the comfort of your own home. Since we founded National Homegating Day we work to bring you some of the top homegating products that we have tested, to help bring extra fun to your homegating parties this Super Bowl Sunday.

Now in no particular order here are the items that made our list. As always, none of these companies paid to be on this list, these are just items that we enjoyed at our homegating parties and think you may too.


Ready to get your FLICK on then it’s time for the new tabletop game Flickboards. Flick the disc back and forth on the football field until someone scores a TD! This game is fun, but it’s also a work of art, since you can hang it on the wall in between games.

Learn more in the video below and get your own game by visiting FLICKBOARDS.

Tailgating Snacks: La Mexicana Salsa and Rojo’s Autentico

What’s a homegating party without snacks? Dips are one of my all-time favorite snacks for Super Bowl Sunday and with this combo from La Mexicana Salsa and Rojo’s Autentico you’ll have your chips covered, in deliciousness. La Mexicana Salsa has a wide variety salsas that are fresh and delicious. May we recommend Cantina and Peach Mango, some of the best salsa we have ever tried.

Rojos Autentico brings in the cheesy flavor with their queso, or a more complex blend with their Mexicali dip.

All of these can be great as stand alone, or you can combine them to make epic game day nachos!

Great Plates

Every party needs some plates, but now you cut down on single use plates and save a hand in the process with Great Plates. Save a hand you say? Yes, these plates allow you to hold your food and drink all on the same plate. You can get team color coordinated plates and cups for team spirit when the big game is on. Then toss them in the dishwasher when done, instead of the trashcan.

Learn move by visiting GREAT PLATES.

Helmet Hoodie

Hoodies are great, but the Helmet Hoodie brings the fandom to an all-new level with a built-in helmet! The hoodie doubles as a lookalike helmet, complete with ear holes and chin strap.

Learn more and get your favorite team at HELMET HOODIE.

Terraflame Fire Bowl

You can’t have most fire pits in the house, unless its the TerraFlame. This fire bowl uses a unique fire gel to bring cozy, fun and warmth to you gameday party. The fire gel is smokeless and even crackles like a real fire. Oh and you can make s’mores indoors too!

See this in action below and then get your own by visiting TERRAFLAME.

Can Clip by Draft Top

Meet one of the most viral drinking products this past tailgating season. The Can Clip can help you create one of the most talked about drinks at your next homegating party. Chop the top off your favorite canned beverage, slide the Can Clip on and then flip a mini bottle, of your choosing, into the hole, slide in a straw and become the talk of the party!

See this drinking accessory in action below and get your own by visiting DRAFT TOP.

Blowfish For Hangovers

The day after the Super Bowl is no fun, so give all of your guests some Blowfish For Hangovers to help them feel like a champ the next day. Just drop the effervesent tablets into water and prepare to feel better. This is our top day after hangover remedy that we have found!

Get your own by visiting BLOWFISH FOR HANGOVERS.

NFL Inflatable Crazy Sports Fan

Turn your homegating party up a notch with an inflatable crazy sports fan! You’ve seen these promoting businesses in your town and now you can promote and support your favorite team with this unique inflatable dancing sports fan.

Get your own by visiting SPORTICULTURE.

There you have it some of our top items to ensure you have a successful National Homegating Day! Let us know any homegating tips you have! Happy Homegating.

Written By: Luke Lorick 2/4/24

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