Top Yard Games 2024

We founded National Yard Games Day (celebrated the first day of summer) to bring our passion of yard games to everyone! Each year we bring you some of our favorite yard games that can bring some more fun to your backyard fun this summer. Now in no particular ranking order here are our top yard games for 2024.

Beer Pong Toss

First up, meet one of the most viral videos we posted in 2024 for the game Beer Pong Toss. It combines beer pong with the game of hooks. You can mount this on a pillar at home, or use the suction cups to attach to your vehicle to take this game on the go. What do you think of the Beer Pong Toss game? Get yours by visiting AMAZON.

ChuggerKnights Game

The ChuggerKnights game is the all-new drinking game that channels your inner knight and medieval times. You will work to protect your drink while trying to puncture your opponents can, with your lance. If your drink is punctured then it’s time to drink up! In addition to being a fun game, it gives you the excuse the dress up like a knight!

See the game in action below and get yours by visiting CHUGGERKNIGHTS.

BumpBoard Bluetooth Cornhole Board

Cornhole is one of the most popular yard games of all time and the iconic game has some added technology thanks to the team at BumpBoxx. The all-new BumpBoard brings in a bluetooth sound system and personal microphone to take your cornhole tournaments to the next level.

See the game in action below and get yours on AMAZON.


Are you ready to fling some balls this summer? Of course you are and the team at Flingball is here to help! We got this game in late 2023 and one of our videos got 100 million views across channels, like Sportscenter! Toss the balls towards the trampoline to get some fun shots as the balls bounce up in the air and try to find a home in a variety of ways to score.

See more in our video below and then get your own by visiting FLINGBALL.

Fishbowl Game

Meet the game that is made to help entertain the entire family! Fishbowl game allows four players to all play, at the same time! No more sitting around and waiting on your turn. We took this to a graduation party and had kids from 2 years old to grandparents at 82 years of age, all lining up to play this game.

See the game in action below and then get your own on AMAZON.

Brightz Light Up Cornhole Bags

When you start playing cornhole it can be hard to stop, but when the sun goes down it can be hard to see. The team at Brightz has a solution with their Light up Cornhole Bags! These bags light up red or blue so you can keep the game going long after the sun goes down.

See them in action below and then get your own by visiting BRIGHTZ.

ScoreBox 21

Have you ever been involved in a score dispute while playing your favorite yard game? Some have, to the point of arguments or even fights breaking out. There has to be an easier way to keep score in a transparent and consistent fashion, right? Well thanks to ScoreBox 21 there is! This is a light up scoreboard that allows you to easily keep score with the push of a button to light up the score. It also has cup holders and a cellphone holder for recording your game.

See ScoreBox 21 in action and then get your own by visting SCOREBOX 21.

Knoggle Hammer Game

It’s Hamer Time! Meet the Knoggle Game! It’s the iconic hammer style game you may have seen played in some variation at Oktoberfest events. Now you have a way to take this iconic hammer game on the go with Knoggle. The focus of the game is to see if you can get your nail driven in, before your competitors.

See the game in action and then get your own on KNOGGLE.


Feeling a little lazy? Want to get your game on, but don’t want to get out of your favorite chair? Well we have a game for you! Meet LazySax the game where you get penalized for getting out of your chair! Toss your bags to score points and enjoy playing yard games in the laziest manner possible.

Get your own on AMAZON.

BodyBall Game

Last, but certainly not least, is the Body Ball game. The game where you shoot the ball into the net. The one difference is that the net is on your waist, so you can move around to try and ensure the ball goes into the net. The game is fun, challenging and one of the best yard games for others to sit back and watch too!

Enjoy some of fun trick shots in the vidoe below and then get your own on BODY BALL.

There you have it our top 10 yard games for 2024. What game was your favorite? What game do you think we should have included? Stay tuned for more fun yard games, trick shots and giveaways on our social media sites.

Written by: Luke Lorick 6/6/24

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