Top Stocking Stuffers 2023

Since being a kid I have loved Christmas stockings. Seeing them stuffed full of goodies always made me feel the Christmas spirit. Now each year I find 10 tailgating stocking stuffers that should be in stockings for all tailgaters. This year we found 10 unique products that we think will improve your tailgate and bring smiles to tailgaters who pull these gifts from their stockings on Christmas morning. Now in no particular order here is the official Tailgating Challenge list of Top Stocking Stuffers 2023.

Can Clip

This was one of our most viral videos of the year with almost 10 million views it had to make our top 10 list. The Can Clip by Draft Top is a clip that goes on your topless can. Insert a mini bottle and straw and you’ll have the most viral drink at the tailgate.

See this in action in our short video below and get yours by visiting DRAFT TOP.

The LoudCup

Meet the worlds loudest cup, LoudCup! On one side you have your tailgating beverage and on the other side the ability to go make some noise! This cup helped us meet new friends and can really get the crowd going.

See how this cup works in our video below and then get your own by visiting LOUDCUP.


Love ping pong, but want to make it more portable? Meet PepperPong this new game allows you to set up a ping pong style game, almost anywhere. Oh and did we mention the game is almost noiseless? The balls and paddles are built to reduce that pinging noise that ping pong is synonymous with.

See the game in action at the Colorado Buffaloes tailgate and then get your own at PEPPERPONG.

Quaffer Shot Glasses

Shots, Shots, Shots sure you’ve had a shot in your day, but have you had one in a magical (ok scientific) style glass? The Quaffer Shot Glass allows your alcohol to sit on top of the mixer for epic presentation of your favorite shots.

Check out our Christmas shot recipe and then get your own by visiting QUAFFER SHOT GLASS.

Beer Can Fishing

Love fishing? Love Beer? How about combining the two into a fun new game Beer Can Fishing. See if you can catch a lunker and once you get the catch of the day there will be a surprise when you pull the beer off. From make a rule to chug, you will see what your catch will give to your tailgating party. One thing we know it will give you the gift of fun!

See the Beer Can Fishing game in action below and then get your own by visiting BEER CAN FISHING.

Twisted Bags Cornhole Cards

Cornhole is fun, but some games get a little too serious. We can help, thanks to Twisted Bags Cornhole Cards. Draw a card and see if you can make the shot backwards, doing the bunny hop, basketball shot and so many more. This game brought many smiles, the way cornhole used to be before some started to take it a little too serious.

See the game in action below and then get your own by visiting TWISTED BAGS.

Color Flame

Cold weather fire pit nights are amazing, but we just found a way to make them better thanks to the EnviroLog Color Flame. Toss a package of this into your fire and watch the blue, green, purple colors start to emerge from the fire. It can be mesmerizing, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

See Color Flame in action in our video and then get your own by visiting ENVIROLOG.

Ice Jack

Warm beer sucks! Ice Jack Beer Chiller aims to solve that problem and get your beer cold in 2 minutes. The Ice Jack spins the beer over ice to help decrease the temperature in record time. Cheers to cold beer.

See the Ice Jack in action in our video below and then get your own by visiting ICE JACK.

Mopeka Propane Guage

Running out of propane when you’re grilling can ruin a cook out. If this has happened to you before, then you know the pain. Now there is a bluetooth propane gas guage. Meet the Mopeka Pro that is a magnetic sensor that attaches to the bottom of your propane tank and gives you an accurate reading of how much propane is in the tank, to the app, on your phone.

See this propane guage in action and then get your own by visiting MOPEKA.

Dualie 3 in1 Drink Insulator

We all need some holiday cheer and for some that comes in the form of a cold drink. These drinks need a koozie, but one of the big problems for standard koozies is that they can’t fit a variety of different drinks. Meet the Dualie Drink Insulator that can hold slim cans, 12 ounce cans and even bottles. They come in a variety of colors and could make the perfect stocking stuffer.

See how they work in our short video below. Get your own on Amazon for under $15 HERE.


There you have it our Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for 2023. Let us know your favorite, or what did we miss that should have made the list?

Written By: Luke Lorick 12/12/23

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