Tailgating At College Football National Championship

Tailgating should never be banned before any college football game. Did you know that tailgating, historically, has not been allowed at the College Football National Championship games? In 2024 the tailgating gods have allowed tailgating to take place before the College Football National Championship Game at NRG stadium and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

History of College Football National Championship Games

The first National Collegiate Football Championship was held at the end of the 2014 with Ohio State defeating Oregon, 42-20. Since the start of the football championship series, decisions have been made to restrict/limit tailgating for the biggest game of the year.

These fans tailgate all year long only to be stopped when their teams are on the biggest stage? The reasons that have been given include everything from fan safety to timely arrival for fans coming to the big games.

The good news is that in 2024 tailgating is being allowed at the College Football National Championship Game! Finally, something that makes sense, but still how did we get 10 years into these National Title Games without a fan revolt! Maybe it’s because tickets are thousands of dollars each and the bulk of fans that enjoy tailgating can’t rationalize spending that amount money on a single game, but I digress.

What Did We Do To Impact Change?

Last year we had enough when tailgating was once again banned at Sofi stadium before the Georgia vs. TCU game. Both these teams have a long history of southern culture tailgating and to stop these fans from doing what they love, was mildy put an injustice that we had to stand up for.

I put together a petition to bring some light on this tailgating injustice. While we had quite a few passionate tailgaters who agreed with us, we didn’t think it would really change anything. Fast forward a year later and look how times have changed; tailgating is allowed at the National Title Game! Was our petition what changed the powers that be minds in allowing tailgating in 2024? Probably not, but I’m still going to believe we had a tiny hand in bringing tailgating back to the National Championship game.

We decided to celebrate this moment in tailgating history with an epic tailgating party! We will be at NRG stadium, for Washington vs Michigan, partying at the first official national championship tailgating party. With all tailgates we welcome our tailgating family to join! Get your tailgating tickets to be a piece of tailgating history HERE.


Tailgating is a staple of college football and something we literally live and breathe daily here at Tailgating Challenge. We are headed down to be a part of the tailgating experience at NRG stadium for the 2024 College Football National Championship Game. My hope is that tailgating will now be allowed at ALL future college football games. Now we just need to work on getting tailgating allowed at the Super Bowl. A tailgaters work is never done.

Written By: Luke Lorick 1/2/24

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