Pinter Home Beer Brewing Review

We love beer, there I said it, but making your own beer is difficult and time consuming. Well, that is how it used to be. Back in 2018 I got a home brewing system and I quickly learned that it could be stressful, time consuming and I lost quite a bit of brew with spilling. After that I said I’m totally happy letting the craft brew masters handle this task. I did just that for the next 6 years before coming across Pinter that claimed they can make brewing fast and easy. Let’s see how the Pinter does in our Tailgating Challenge. Now cheers to the Pinter Home Beer Brewing Review.

Pinter Features

-Brews `12 craft beers at a time

-Textured polymer body that weighs just 5 pounds

-Each serving saves 17 twelve-ounce cans

-The hopper feature to add that dry hopped style flavor to select beers

-Rotating flavors

How Easy Is It To Brew Beer?

In short this is the easiest beer brewing process I have ever seen. They have an app that walks you through the steps from cleaning, brewing, to conditioning that felt stress free compared to my past brewing! All the items needed for cleaning and brewing comes in the box when you order a new flavor of beer. The app also lets you know when it’s time to change from brewing to conditioning and then when it’s ready to tap and drink.

How Fast Can It Brew?

Pretty dang fast! It can have beer ready in a little over a week! Although it is recommended to go to the two-week mark for the best overall beer. We allowed ours to brew and condition for the full two weeks as that was still way shorter than my last brew that was well over a month before it was ready to sip.

How Does the Beer Taste?

In doing this review I did a single flavor of the beer. In this review I brewed the Spacer Hopper DIPA. In tapping the beer the one thing that we couldn’t quite find the sweet spot on was the head. This beer poured with heavy head that we had to let settle down to get a solid pour. A few days after tapping and pouring a few beers the head calmed down and the pouring was much easier. When we got to taste the beer it had a lot of character. It was full bodied had some fruity tropical tones and was definitely a double IPA! Given how easy the beer was to make I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. I also believe that brewing your own beer makes it tastes better, but maybe that is just me.


PROS: easy to use, fast brewing, informative app, good beer selection, and good tasting final product
CONS: the beer poured with heavy head on the first couple of pints but calmed down for better pours, The tap has a little ‘dribble’ after use

Overall, this may be the easiest way to brew good beer that we have come across yet. They have enough beer flavors that I won’t soon get bored with the selection. If the difficulty and stress of brewing in the past has turned you off to brewing, this may be just what the beer doctor ordered.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 2/12/24

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