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Leading Tailgating Authority Recommends
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DALLAS, Texas – August 26, 2019 – Tailgating Challenge®, the leading tailgate enthusiast
community, is excited to announce that National Tailgating Day is September 7, 2019.
Recognized in 2018 by National Day Calendar and founded by Luke Lorick, President of
Tailgating Challenge, National Tailgating Day falls on the first Saturday of each September and
was created to recognize the custom of gathering outside a stadium on game day and
celebrating with food, beverages and more. In recognition of this national day, Lorick offers his
top 10 tailgating products of 2019 to help you celebrate in style!

“For the last 7 years I’ve tested over 500 different tailgating related products to help show fans
the top products they need for their next tailgate. In recognition of National Tailgating Day, I’ve
selected my 10 favorite tailgating products of 2019,” said Luke Lorick, President of Tailgating
Challenge and Founder of National Tailgating Day. “Whether you celebrate at the stadium or at
home, I have no doubt tailgating fans that chose these products will have a fantastic time at
their next tailgate party! Also be sure to use the hashtag #NationalTailgatingDay when you post
about National Tailgating Day on social media!”

Best Disposable Grill
EAZYBBQ® Natural Disposable BBQ: “EAZYBBQ’s new Disposable grill is perfect for
tailgating. Its unique patented design features a lightweight aluminum design, which allows you
to cook safely on virtually any surface for 2 hours without chemicals! The package even
includes the charcoal. You’ll simply be amazed by the convenience, portability, function and
performance of this disposable grill, and it’s under $10!,” said Lorick. More information on this
unique disposable grill can be found at

Most Fun Cooler
Cruzin Cooler®: “Most coolers keep drinks cold but how about one that you can drive around
the tailgate! The motorized Cruzin Cooler is an absolute blast and is designed to go about 13
miles per hour while carrying a case of your favorite beverage on ice!” More information on the
Cruzin Cooler can be found at

Best Tailgating Game
Warphole®: “I love cornhole and Warphole took the classic game of cornhole to the next level
by adding curves in the board. It offers a whole new level of challenge and fun,” said Lorick.
More information on Warphole can be found at

Best Tailgating Chair
GCI Outdoor® Freestyle Rocker™: “I’ve tested plenty of tailgating chairs and the GCI Outdoor
Freestyle Rocker is the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in! It’s an absolute must during long
games, when you want to kick-back and relax,” said Lorick. More information on the GCI
Outdoor Freestyle Rocker can be found at

Best Way to Power Your Tailgate
Jackery® Portable Power Stations: “I’m not a fan of big, noisy, gas guzzling generators. I love
Jackery Portable Power Stations because they provide the power I need the way I want it. No
noise, no gas, just power,” said Lorick. More information on Jackery Portable Power Stations
can be found at

Best Fire Pit Fuel
Enviro-Log® Firelogs: “There is nothing like a warm fire on a cool fall evening and Enviro-Log
Firelogs are the easiest way to start a fire. They are made of 100 percent recycled material and
burn cleaner than firewood! The company is fun too. Last year they teamed with Kentucky
Fried Chicken® to offer a limited-edition 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog, inspired by the Colonel’s
very own Secret Recipe. These are my kind of people!” More information on Enviro-Log
Firelogs can be found at

Best Grilling Utensil
Grillight®: “I grill at night a lot and have undercooked meat before. Since I grill by sight, the
Grillight has changed my night grilling forever!,” said Lorick. More information on Grillight can
be found at

Best Tailgating Truck Accessory
Tale Gator®: “Tailgating started on the back of the pickup tailgate. The Tale Gator made the
tailgate better with the most comfortable way to sit on a tailgate,” said Lorick. More information
on Tale Gator can be found at .

Best Soft Cooler
Engel® HD30 Soft Sided Cooler: “I get tired of lugging heavy coolers around and the Engel
HD30 Soft Sided Cooler changed that with a 5 pound cooler that keeps ice for almost 4 days!,”
said Lorick. More information on the Engel HD30 Soft Sided Cooler can be found at

Best Gameday Fashion Accessory:
BevBuckle™: “I’ve always been a little different and like my outfits to stand out. The BevBuckle
is the gameday accessory that holds your beer while you do awesome things like play games
and high five after the big play,” said Lorick. More information on BevBuckle can be found at

About Tailgating Challenge
It all started with an everyday person, Luke Lorick, who like many others, worked for a large
corporation that demanded long work-weeks of 50+ hours. Luke remembered hearing people say
that “if you do something you love, you never work a day in your life.” Determined to test that
theory, Luke decided to put his long-time passion of tailgating (mainly at the University of South
Carolina, where he graduated from in 2004), to work. And there you have it – the beginning of
Tailgating Challenge®. Since establishing Tailgating Challenge in 2012, Luke Lorick has quickly
become a leading subject matter expert of all tailgating-related products. Luke is also the founder
of National Tailgating Day, which takes place the first September of every year. He is driven by a
strong will to make Tailgating Challenge, and the content it delivers, be the best it can for his fans.
Luke is arguably the world’s most trusted subject matter expert who attracts a significant, active,
and loyal audience.

Enjoyed the love and support of this article and let me know what you think of my Top 10 tailgating products. Have you used some of these before? Are there some you want to test out?

Did we miss on an item that we should consider for National Tailgating Day 2020?


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